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Verification of Identity

If you are an applicant for an Irish driving licence or learner permit, you will be required to verify your identity as part of the face to face application process. This means that you will have to submit documentation to prove your identity, your address & your PPSN, as well as confirmation of your country of birth/residency entitlement.

In order to verify your identity, it is necessary to produce one document from each of the four lists below.


Photographic I.D.

  • Irish passport which cannot be expired by more than 12 months
  • Irish driving licence or learner permit
  • Current passport for all non-Irish citizens (valid for international use)
  • Current national identity card for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens
  • Irish Certificate of Naturalisation
  • Current UK photo driving licence
  • Current public services card (As this does not indicate date of birth an original birth cert will also be required) 
  • Current Irish travel document

Evidence of residency entitlement

  • Irish/UK (long-form) birth certificate or adoption certificate
  • Certificate of entry in the Irish Foreign Births Register
  • Irish passport
  • Current passport for all EU/EEA/Swiss citizens
  • Current national identity card for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens
  • Irish certificate of naturalisation
  • Current certificate of registration (Garda National Immigration Bureau/GNIB card) for non- EU/EEA/Swiss citizens (The GNIB cards must be presented with a current passport)  

Verifying your PPSN

  • Public services card/social services card
  • Correspondence from Revenue/Department of Social Protection showing PPSN
  • P21/Tax Assessment/ Notice of Tax credits
  • Receipt of social welfare payment which shows full PPSN
  • Medical card / Drug Payment Scheme (DPS) card / European Health Insurance card
  • Payslip or P60/P45  

Please note: in some cases the same document could satisfy more than one requirement e.g. an Irish/EU passport is adequate as photo ID & proof of residency entitlement; a letter to you from Revenue which shows your PPSN could be used as both proof of your address & proof of your PPSN.

Evidence of address

Please note. Evidence of address must be dated within 6 months of the date of application

  • Utility bill (i.e. from electricity/phone/gas/cable television/broadband provider) Printed online bills are acceptable.  Mobile phone bills are not acceptable
  • Statement or other correspondence from bank/building society/credit union including eStatements where the customer’s name and address are detailed.  (Statements from store cards/catalogue companies are not acceptable)  
  • Letter from Department of Social Protection/Revenue, P45, P60
  • Other official correspondence from an Irish state agency e.g. government departments; HSE; Register of Electors/polling card; CAO; Susi; An Garda Síochána; Public / Priivate hospitals, Private Residential Tenancies Board or third level college, Secondary school /training agency, NCT Reports or reminders,An Post, TV Licence, National Cervical and breast Screening Programme,
  • Correspondence from an insurance company regarding an active policy

New applicants particularly the 17-20 year old may be able to provide the following to serve as their evidence of address:

  • Letter headed correspondence with their secondary school or 3rd level training institute (Date of correspondence must be clearly shown)
  • Correspondence from SUSI/CAO
  • Correspondence from a bank/credit union
  • Correspondence from a government body

These documents can be no more than 6 months old at date of application and can not be hand written.

Please note that identity documents may be retained by the NDLS to enable the processing of your application. These documents will be returned to you by registered post once your licence/permit application has been approved. Please be advised that should the documents be returned undelivered to the NDLS it is the policy of the NDLS to retain these documents for a period of 2 months during which you can contact us to arrange return of your documents. Any documents which are unclaimed after 2 months will be securely destroyed. You must provide original identity documents; photocopies or laminated documents are not acceptable.